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We are here to answer any questions you have about your device or the home sleep testing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

The device displayed a red light following my test, did I do something wrong?

If you received a red light following your test, it doesn't mean you did something wrong. Please call the Home Sleep Test Support line for further questions and instructions.

I'm having trouble keeping the cannula in my nose and/or the finger probe on my finger, any advice?

Yes, we recommend using medical tape to help secure the components in place. If you don't have medical tape available, you can also use the adhesive portion of a bandage.

Is there a set amount of time that I need to sleep?

A successful test is considered four or more hours.

Do I really have to test on consecutive nights?

While we would appreciate if the study nights were back-to-back, it is not mandatory.

Why do I have two cannulas? Should I use both of them?

We provided an extra cannula for cases where the original is un-usable and a spare is needed.

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