About SleepWorks

Serving Sleep Study Patients since 1997

SleepWorks is one of the largest providers of sleep laboratory management services in the United States, performing more than 35,000 sleep studies annually.

  • For almost 20 years, SleepWorks has provided hospitals and physician practices effective, turnkey solutions to serve the sleep testing needs of their patients. SleepWorks offers a comprehensive, coordinated approach for the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of sleeping disorders and integrates a care continuum supporting extensive treatment protocols. This all-inclusive approach to patient care emphasizes improvement of a patient's quality of life.

    •   Serving sleep study patients since 1997
    •   Headquartered in Greenville, SC
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine

    SleepWorks operates more than 65 sleep center locations accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. AASM accreditation reflects excellence in sleep medicine and is recognized nationally by patients and physicians.

    AASM Accreditation continues to be the gold standard for sleep medicine programs. The Standards for Accreditation and the guidelines incorporated therein were developed by sleep specialists whose knowledge enables them to tailor the requirements for the extensive evaluation of sleep disorders patients. The Standards for Accreditation are regularly reviewed and updated to incorporate the latest advances in sleep medicine. The Standards for Accreditation are designed to guarantee quality and meet the needs of patients and referring physicians.

  • National Sleep Foundation

    SleepWorks is a charter member of the National Sleep Foundation and part of its Sleep Care Center network. This organization focuses on community education and involvement in the treatment of known sleep disorders.

  • Technology

    SleepWorks incorporates the latest technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Our zero footprint software was developed specifically for the sleep industry and supports intake, acquisition, scoring, interpretation and data management activities. Moreover, our programs monitor all patient activity from the time a patient is referred for a sleep study through the collection and evaluation of therapy compliance data.